Employee Benefits

Expert Guidance and Advice

The insurance industry has consolidated in the last decade. There are only a handful of insurers in the marketplace and we have access to all of them, giving us the leverage to create the best pricing and plans designs. We help employees integrate their group benefits plans with personal plans or government sponsored benefits (MSP, EI, CPP, WorkSafe), thus avoiding duplicate coverage and costs. We assist with the following areas:

  • Employee Group Benefits
  • Group Retirement Plans (RRSP’s & Pensions)
  • Customized Flex Plans
  • Health Spending Accounts
  • Lifestyle Spending Account

Individual Health & Dental Plans and Private Health Service Plans

If you need an individual plan or lost coverage from your employer we have guaranteed issue or medically underwritten plans. Apply at our different service providers:

Travel Insurance

Make sure you are prepared for any situation when you travel. From coverage for accidental injury or illness while abroad to insurance for flight cancellations and lost luggage, our travel insurance solutions cover every base. You could also be eligible for insurance top-ups for extra coverage.

Standalone Emergency Travel Insurance:

  • Canadians travelling outside
  • Visitors to Canada
  • Students and their family members

Can apply for:

  • Emergency medical
  • Trip cancellation
  • Baggage loss
  • Multiple trips

Apply at our different service providers: